Israel Crash Lands on the Moon!

12 April, 2019, 09:46 | Author: Amos Gonzales
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ABOVE: You'll find a screenshot of the Israel Aviation Authority's listing of "Israel Aerospace Industr" IAI Space flight headed to: MOON!

If the spacecraft had landed on the moon successfully, Israel would have become the fourth country - behind the United States, China and the former Soviet Union - to have successfully perform a soft-landing.

Israel's first attempt fell short because the craft's engine - essentially the brakes of the vehicle in this situation - cut out and stopped it from slowing itself down.

The unmanned robotic lander suffered periodic engine and communications failures during the landing sequence, which lasted around 21 minutes, the support team said. Eventually the craft was snagged by the Moon's gravity and began its long descent to the surface.

Spirits were dashed at mission control and viewing parties as the mission was declared a failure.

Phil Larson of the University of Colorado, who was a space adviser in the Obama White House, said the Israeli effort underlines that "space is still extremely hard, and landing human made objects on other worlds is an utmost challenge". If we succeeded every time, there would be no reward. "We'll send lots of videos and images to inspire the kids in Israel and all around the world".

"We are on the moon but not in the way we wanted", one unidentified staffer said.

"We came close but unfortunately didn't succeed with the landing process", the team said in a tweet.

While the Israeli craft did not successfully land on the moon on Thursday evening, both the prime minister and president expressed hope for the future of Israeli space exploration.

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"They said that they were going to participate in a Google competition".

A full scale model of the Beresheet moon probe.

"They seemed very proud of themselves, and I thought that this was rather neat".

The project began as part of the Google Lunar XPrize, which in 2010 offered $30 million in awards to encourage scientists and entrepreneurs to come up with relatively low-priced moon missions. Now, the Beresheet lander is gone and we're left with plenty of questions as to why.

While the race ended with no victor in March 2018, SpaceIL continued with its mission to reach the Moon. The $100 million needed for the ambitious project came from private investors.

"I don't want to be the richest man in the cemetery".

The Leros engine provided the power to get the spacecraft all the way to the Moon, but it also took Beresheet on its final descent. "It nearly seems un-doable, and even if it was doable, it takes somebody with imagination to actually see why you would do it".

Today's landing was scheduled to occur autonomously, on a patch of the lunar near side known as Mare Serenitatis ("Sea of Serenity").

The one-way trip was to have included an attempt to measure the lunar magnetic field, which would have helped in the understanding of the moon's formation. NASA was also broadcasting the event.



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