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Trump Announces Resignation of US Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen

09 April, 2019, 06:26 | Author: Taylor George
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While President Donald Trump announced the resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen this past weekend, the homeland security secretary reportedly once gained the president's favor after tear gas was used at to repel a group of migrants attempting to cross the southern border.

Trump tweeted that Nielsen, who became the face of the administration's zero tolerance for immigration, will be leaving the administration and will be replaced by Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs, and Border Protection Commissioner.

Trump announced on Sunday in a tweet that U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan would be taking over as acting head of the department. She ended up resigning, though she was not forced to do so, they said.

Trump has previously criticized Nielsen for insufficient firmness, telling reporters last November that she needed to get "much tougher" on the border.

"But was the resignation letter accepted?" he added, questioning if Trump had properly gone through the correct procedures to be legally able to appoint a new secretary to lead DHS.

"Many feared President Donald Trump would repeat Richard Nixon's 'Saturday Night Massacre" by firing a series of top officials at the Justice Department in an effort to oust the special counsel.

Once Kelly left the White House, Nielsen's days appeared to be numbered, and she had expected to be pushed out last November.

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He and Kirstjen Nielsen parted ways after urgent talks in the White House that followed a two-day visit to California, during which they viewed parts of the renovated border wall.

When pressed, one White House official said there was a feeling in the West Wing that it was "just time" for Trump and Nielsen to part ways after bumping heads on numerous occasions during her 16-month tenure.

During the meeting, Nielsen agreed with Trump's comments that there was a crisis at the border. Her departure provides political fodder but little comfort, given Trump's demands for ever more severe policies.

Arrests along the southern border have increased sharply over the past few months. He predicted White House officials will seek "something more stringent and tougher to try to make it more hard for [undocumented] migrants to access the asylum system".

The development comes after Trump threatened to close the U.S. -Mexico border. Right now there is space for about 3,000 families, and facilities are at capacity. And it's up to the secretary of Homeland Security to come up with better ideas about how to keep illegals - who are primarily economic migrants but understand how to exploit the asylum laws and think Trump is powerless to stop them - from getting into the country.

Nielsen also advocated for strong cybersecurity defense and often said she believed the next major terror attack would occur online - not by planes or bombs.



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